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Whats going on guys! Our names are D'Metrius And Casey, or RoseRaid and Da Orc Warchief. We've decided that we're nerds, no doubt about it. With that being said, we're going to take all of our knowledge, from comic books to video games and beyond, and bring you our opinions on the latest news regarding the newest games, consoles, gadgets, gizmos, etc. Check out our links below they'll guide through our site. Any questions, leave it below! Thank you guys for your support, and embrace your inner child..GAME ON!

Due to some unfortunate circumstances involving the source file for the review, it has been postponed until tomorrow afternoon. Sorry for the delay!

Our Triumphant Return Commences!

Hope everyone is enjoying their Valentine’s Day celebrations and whatnot, but I wanted to make a brief announcement, we shall be returning after a rather unexpected and long hiatus this upcoming Monday! And to kick things off, we’ll have a fresh review of a recently released title! So look forward to the soon, and hopefully long-term, return of Roses and Orcs Gaming News and Reviews! We’ll see you Monday afternoon, so until then, Play Hard and Play Strong!

Time for a comeback?

Things to do While Sick for 3 Days

Things to do when you’re sick number 1: Write a book.

Things to do when you’re sick number 2: Draw things for said book.

Things to do when you’re sick number 3: Struggle to do anything related to a book.

N7 Day 2013 is Coming! | BioWare Blog


November 7th, 2012 marked the inaugural N7 Day — a day to join together as a community and celebrate the Mass Effect universe. Through the power of social media, we connected with over 12 million fans around the world and delivered a day’s worth of content and activities! With additional support from our family of partners, we were also able to offer some great deals on Mass Effect merchandise.

We are excited to announce that N7 Day will return in 2013, and here’s just a few of the activities we have planned for you:

N7 Day Pride: Mass Effect means different things to different people, but without question it ignites passion within our community and we love it! What does N7 pride mean to you? Do you have a favorite N7 hoodie or t-shirt? Do you have items in your collection signed by our team? Did you name your child Garrus and dress them in an N7 onesie? Did you take family photos dressed in N7 gear? Post your photos on Twitter, Vine, and Instagram using the hashtag #N7Day13.

N7 Day Fan Art Contest: Are you an artist? Submit your best creations to BioWare for a chance to have your work featured on an upcoming item at the BioWare Store. Starting N7 Day we will be selecting our favorite pieces to become part of the Mass Effect Collection. Stay tuned for more information on how you can participate.

Play Mass Effect 3 with BioWare: Fire up your PS3 and play some Mass Effect 3 multiplayer with us! Hit the lobbies and be on the lookout for our BioWare banners. Members of the team will be logging on throughout the day, eager to blast through waves of baddies with you.

Child’s Play Charity Auction: The team has rummaged through the BioWare archives and unearthed some early concept art that pre-dates the original Mass Effect. These one of a kind pieces will be signed and contributed to Child’s Play for a charity auction along with some gear from the BioWare Store. Stay tuned for info on how you can help a great cause and get your hands on a unique piece of Mass Effect history.

N7 Day at BioWare: See how our team celebrates N7 Day at the studio with photos, blogs, and retrospectives from the Mass Effect team.

Mass Effect Risk First Reveal: We got our hands on the official Mass Effect Risk board game, courtesy of USAopoly, and we’re anxious to give it a whirl! Will we play peacefully or will tables get flipped? We’ll have a video team on hand to film our session and share the experience with you.

Minecraft: We’re anxious to see the Mass Effect inspired creations PC and Xbox 360 players have been working on. Get your submissions ready!

Extra Life Mass Effect Marathon: Play Games. Heal Kids. The Extra Life campaign, benefitting the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, is holding its annual gaming marathon on November 2nd. This year players will participate for 25 hours in support of local hospitals. Make sure you tune in and support your Mass Effect Marathon participants!

N7 Day Deals on Mass Effect Gear: Several of our partners are celebrating N7 Day by passing along savings to you on select items. We might even see the debut of a new item or two in the days leading up to N7 Day! Stay tuned for more information.

Remember to mark November 7th on your calendars and come take part in N7 Day festivities with us! On behalf of the team here at BioWare, we sincerely thank you for your continued support and for keeping the Mass Effect community thriving.

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Claim Extention

So, I realize the 2 PM deadline is a bit weird to end the claims, and so I am extending them until midnight. Afyer that, new names will be drawn every 24 hours until the prizes are claimed. Should nobody claim before all names are drawn, the copies will either be returned or given to elsewhere. So, hope you two claim your prizes soon!

Giveaway Finished

The giveaway has ended, and the winners have been notified! If replies are not recieved by 2 PM EST on Friday, October 11th, 2013, new names will be drawn every 2 hours until contact is made or until entries run out. Thanks again everyone for entering, and we hope to brimg you more like this in the future!